It is inevitable there is a new successor to Fusion 2.5 in the works. While it may be a while before this product is released, this page is dedicated to gathering confirmed rumours or hinted announcements regarding this mystery product. The new product will be re-written from scratch, meaning it will not be backwards compatible or maintain legacy code from Klik & Play. Plus, the exporters and [potentially] cross-platform editors would be easier to build and maintain.

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Time Frame

Mentions from Clickteam

Features or opinions listed here have been mentioned by the staff at Clickteam.

Fusion 3 Development Blog

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From the Community

  • The product itself
    • Release Date
      • Older posts suggested no firm release date. 1 2
      • Yves has clearly stated it will be released “next year” (2016). 1
        • Clickteam from Facebook clearly says “No” to a 2016 release. Evidence
      • More information will be revealed "later this year" (2015). [1](
    • Extension development editing time is intended to be addressed. 1
      • It will be much faster to create extensions that work on all platforms. 1
    • There will be a “quantum” leap in performance. 1
    • The event editor style of coding isn’t going anywhere. In fact, the successor has been described as “awesome”. 1 2
  • Cross platform support
    • Fusion 3 will be built with cross-platform libraries. 1 2
    • The cross-platform libraries may be based on Qt. Blog (Source no longer available)
    • Fusion 3 will run on at least Windows, Mac, and Linux, in addition to other platforms. 1 2
  • Exporters
    • Native C++ (or C) export with both native binaries and source code. (Similar to Chowdren’s functionality) (Confirmed) 2 3 4 5 [World Reveal Interview]
    • The exporter model (with purchases of additional exporters to export to multiple platforms) will be kept [World Reveal Interview]
  • Potentially new features
    • It could be possible to copy/paste events as text. 1
  • Reduced limitations
    • The restriction of alterable values can be overcome in Fusion 3. 1 2
    • There are plans to make Android applications run in the background more viable for MMF3. 1 2
  • New file format
    • An importer/converter for MFA files will be considered. 1 2 3
      • It’s possible it may only import assets, not full events. [Missing source]
      • The best advise is to not wait for Fusion 3 to start a new project. 1 2
      • Yves stated the importer that will perform a large chunk of the conversion, but the product will not maintain full backwards compatibility. 1
    • The new file format may store data across multiple files as opposed to a monolithic format (such as MFA) 1 [World Reveal Interview]
  • Support of existing products after launch
    • Updates for existing products may grind to a halt when Fusion 3 is out 1 (in French)
    • Updates for Fusion 2.5 will continue for some time, particularly for bug fixes. 1
    • Fusion 2.5 will continue to receive fixes and updates after Fusion 3 is released due to the differences between the products. 1
  • Miscellaneous
    • Text scripting is very unlikely. 1
    • The name “Clickteam Fusion” will be dropped in favor of a new name, just “Fusion”. Added by Triadian

Speculation and Rumours

Members from the community recall announced facts about a feature.

  • Runtimes in Fusion 3 will share a global runtime (as opposed to branding into their own external engines) 1 2
  • Fusion 3 will have Git integration. 1
  • There may be support for some of these: Cross platform shaders, cross platform zoom, sub-events, (real) global events, renaming qualifiers and unique instances. 1


James and Anders introduce and present technical details of the inner workings at Click Convention 2013.

Edit: Sorry, we don’t know why this video is now private.


The following interviews were recorded and published to YouTube.


Not exactly important, but related to Fusion 3.

  • There’s over 4000 user feature requests. Blog (Source no longer available)
  • There are over 245 responses to the Fusion 3 Current Status thread.