No Cookies

ClickWiki does not use any analytics service for the intent of gathering anonymous or technical details about your visit. This was previously the case prior to May 20th 2018, however this data has been disposed under the new GDPR European law and migration to being a static site.

Personal Data

When writing for the wiki, we only expect reasonable identifable information to be present on the wiki. For instance, data that identifies a developer in the community where this data is considered publicly accessible is acceptable, but data that may be harmful or private to an individual would violate our privacy stance.

Making contributions using Git leaves a permanent mark in this project’s history. Standard Git operations means that your e-mail address and full name (for instance) will be exposed to the public and stored outside of your control. For example, where users have downloaded copies of the source code to their local computer and/or forked the repository online.

Commit data is fetched via the public GitHub API for the purposes of populating the Recent page. This has a limit of 60 requests per hour based on your IP address.