Release Date with Mac Editor: September 27, 2016; for Windows Editor: April 24, 2017 9/2016
Available for CF 2.5 Icon CF 2.5 Developer Icon

The Mac Exporter is an new exporter alongside the Fusion 2.5 Mac Editor that exports Fusion apps to macOS. The runtime is based on the iOS Exporter and is native to macOS (unlike Java Mac Application). The Mac Exporter is built-in to the Mac Editor, and is also available separately for the Windows editor.

Build Types

MAC application

Exports a native Mac application (.app). You do not need any other software for this build type.

MAC Xcode project

This Build Type exports an Xcode project, similar to an iOS Xcode Project or iOS Final Xcode Project. Recommended if you want to modify your application in Xcode.

MAC application file (.ccm)

Note: This build type was added in build 288.1.
Similar to an iOS application (cci), this build type should be used when updating your Xcode project. If you add any extensions or modify certain features, you will have to rebuild your Xcode project.