ClickWiki logo, inspired by Clickteam's
ClickWiki logo, inspired by Clickteam's

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Initial Release February 2015 02/2015
Languages English

ClickWiki is a community-driven wiki all about Clickteam The project aims to cover their products, exporters, extensions, and even more with in-depth information. Our aim with the Wiki is to provide fully documented pages that make finding answers simple to find. We strike for detail to enable you to discover more possibilities for Fusion and your projects.

The Wiki acts as a bridge between the help documentation, centralising tips & tricks and frequently asked solutions buried in the Community Forums.



During 2010-2012, there was an official encyclopedia for Clickteam named FusionWiki. However, due to an unforeseen update failure, the Wiki was taken offline permanently and had lost all of its content.

This Wiki isn’t the first to create and write up about Clickteam’s products and features. Other Wikis do exist but may be in other languages, for specific communities or for different purposes.

Coincidentally, you may discover the name “ClickWiki” has been used in around 2007-2008 referring to another vanished Wiki on the Community Forums, but this is an entirely different project with different people. You can think of this Wiki as the spiritual successor. It’s completely new, kickstarted by different clickers and aims to preserve the knowledge and hours poured to build it.


16 February 2015 Founded and initially hosted by clicker robinkooli.
4 March 2015 Acquired as the domain name.
10 April 2015 Switched to reliable servers.
20 May 2015 Server migrated to clicker lh37 with paid hosting.
1 September 2015 opens, providing an overview of statistics.
5 December 2015 closes.
14 April 2017 The ClickWiki Discord server is created, providing an easy way to view Wiki updates and chat about the Wiki.
May 2018 ClickWiki gets revamped! Moving from a MediaWiki system to a static site powered by Jekyll.
July 2020 is the new URL.

Past Contributors

Thank you to our contributors prior to the May 2018 update, these clickers contributed with pages, graphics or typos.

Thanks to all past, present and future contributors!

For contributors who helped fund the Wiki financially, see the Donations page.

Under the Hood

See the Privacy Policy on how privacy is conducted on ClickWiki.


Are you endorsed by Clickteam?

No. Besides being customers and users of their product. This project is not associated with Clickteam. This Wiki is purely community ran and relies on your contributions to reach its full potential. That said, members of the Clickteam have contributed and promoted our Wiki! You may have read about us in Fused.

I’m unable to contribute the time. How else can I support you?

That’s perfectly understandable. You can show your appreciation and support by following us on social media, bookmarking and linking to us when a fellow clicker can find their answer here.

Can I leave a donation?

While we previously had the option for donations, thanks to the advancement in “serverless” technology, there are no more running costs. We are proudly hosted by GitHub Pages.

For previous donation reports, see the donation page.

How can I get started contributing?

Take a look at our contribute page if you’re new. If you’ve done this kind of thing before, fork our repository and send us a pull request!

Why was the wiki migrated from MediaWiki?
  • It’s static, there’s no database. (No waiting, no hacking, nothing to corrupt)
  • GDPR compliance - a new data protection law in the EU. ClickWiki no longer stores any personal data, such as user logins to edit the wiki.
  • It’s open source - anything can be edited.
  • Our MediaWiki instance were prone to cache issues and the random “internal errors”.
  • Reduced costs - Going serverless reduces costs.
  • Offers flexibility - the wiki is now portable.

We would be pleased to hear from you, find us: