Screenshot of the forums as of 19th April 2015.
Screenshot of the forums as of 19th April 2015.


Initial Release 30th June 2006 (vBulletin) 06/2006

Clickteam Community is the forums system powered by VBulletin for guests, clickers and the staff to discuss, share and distribute help, examples and updates to the software. The current system was opened on 30th June 2006 and superseded the previous forums system powered by UBB Threads.



The forums were originally powered by UBB Threads. When the transition to the new forums were made, the older forums remained open as an archive but was closed in July 2012 due to suspicious behaviour. Due to the archive split, some old threads may still link to which will now return a 404 error page. Some older threads may also have duplicate posts.


The forums has thousands of threads that cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Support for current and legacy products.
  • Guides, Tutorials, Examples and Widgets made by other members.
  • Product Owner’s Lounge for downloading stable, beta and previous software releases, plus change logs.
  • Released third party extensions by other users.
  • Discussions for extension development.
  • Open topics and a place to market your games built with Fusion.
  • Sub-forums for various Clickteam events and products.
  • Useful links, such as extension packs.
  • Private messaging to other members (including the staff)
  • Community Passport, a convenient place to download your products you have registered to your forum account.