Screenshot of the service as of July 2015.
Screenshot of the service as of July 2015.


Initial Release June 2014 06/2014

The Community Passport is a feature of the forums that allows users to register their products to their forum account. Registration is optional, but doing so will allow you to easily download newer versions of the software, betas and access links specific to that product. You also receive a badge so other users know which products you own. Steam users can also add/update their Steam ID so their products show up too.



Previously, product registration was performed in the Settings page of the forums, but the introduction of the Community Passport allowed for convenience for links, badges and other resources.

Only one serial can be assigned to any one forum account at any time. Serials can be found on receipts, e-mails or on the Clickteam Shop’s order history.

Once registered, serials cannot be unassigned or transferred without contacting Clickteam.

Purchased on Steam

Clickteam products that are purchased through Steam can only receive badges, due to the fact stand-alone versions cannot be installed to Steam versions. There is a section that allows you to add/update your Steam ID, and the forum will retrieve the products you have purchased in Steam’s ecosystem.


The Community Passport is mainly beneficial for stand-alone products, due to technical differences with the Steam version. The service allows you to:

  • Download installers for products and exporters you have purchased.
  • Download beta versions of products and exporters.
  • Be provided with links related to a product/exporters.
  • Product SDK
  • Product Owner Lounge sub-forums
  • Links to upgrade to new versions (as of June 2015, coming soon)