Screenshot of USA Shop as of 2nd July 2015
Screenshot of USA Shop as of 2nd July 2015


Initial Release Re-opened September 2013 09/2013

The Clickteam Shop is the name given to purchasing products and exporters from Clickteam directly. Current version of products such as Fusion 2.5 and its exporters are for sale, along with Tools such as Install Creator. The shops are region-locked, meaning that users are restricted to purchasing in their current region. Access to other regions may prompt with an error message. Some connections behind proxies may also fail to reach the shop, such as accessing on a corporate network.

Not to be confused with the asset shop, ClickStore.



Clickteam has been trading online for a long time. In the run up of the release of Fusion 2.5, the shops were re-vamped and upgraded to reflect Clickteam’s current branding. Previous shop accounts were cleared meaning that purchases before December 2013 cannot be retrieved. You are encouraged to contact Clickteam if you need this information.


The shops are divided into 4 regions:

Some stores may be inaccessible based on your location.


Alternately, it may be cheaper for some countries to buy Clickteam’s products and exporters through Steam. By doing so, you are confined to Steam’s distribution model, which includes:

  • Compulsory updates.
  • Steam must be running to use.
  • Fusion can only be open on one computer at a time.
  • The ability to stream Fusion to any other computer in your house.

However, aside from Steam’s requirements and In-Home Streaming, there are no technical limitations between the stand alone product and Steam’s version. Updates may take longer to arrive and beta versions may not be always up-to-date, and you cannot mix stand alone exporters with Steam exporters.