Screenshot of Install Creator Pro Version 2.0 (Build #45)
Screenshot of Install Creator Pro Version 2.0 (Build #45)




Initial Release v1.0 1999
Latest Release v2.0 2016
Platforms Windows logo
Languages English

Install Creator is a program by Clickteam that lets you make installers for any project. Install Creator is the companion product to Patch Maker and a stripped down version is included with Multimedia Fusion 2 and Clickteam Fusion 2.5. It features a step-by-step wizard to easily set up files, the presentation (such as images) and various pages of text to your installer. Uninstallers can be also created too.

In the Options menu, there is an option labeled Run As Administrator. If this is unchecked, then users will not have to enter an administrator password to run the installer. The user will still be able to run it as admin by right-clicking the file and clicking Run As Administrator. If the program is not run as admin, it will give an error when attempted to install into admin-protected areas (such as the Program Files folder).




Install Creator can be bought from the Clickteam Shop.


The Free version of Install Creator has the same features of the registered version, but there is an extra page at the end about Clickteam and Install Creator.

Install Creator Pro

Install Creator Pro has more features, such as the ability to put multiple software options in one installer. It is targeted for professional use, such as product keys, download support, and multiple installation versions. The product can be purchased from the Clickteam Shop.

Old Version

Not yet documented.

Error Messages

Error 21FC - This file contains invalid data.

Possible causes:

  • Hardware Failure - Faulty RAM may cause a corruption when decompressing the files.
    • Try the installation on another computer.
    • Try running a memory test to check for any RAM errors.
  • File is corrupt - This could be due to a hard drive fault or transfer issue, or a malicious program injecting the original file.
    • Try re-obtaining the file, either through backups, or download again (if applicable).
    • If the file is from a disc, try cleaning the surface.
    • Obtain a checksum (ie. MD5) of the original file, and verifying again on the target computer.