Screenshot of the homepage on 28th May 2015
Screenshot of the homepage on 28th May 2015


Initial Release 25 July 2014 07/2014

The ClickStore is an online content store where Clickteam Fusion 2.5 users and visitors can buy and download various resources for their projects. Users can also register as a seller and upload their own content for the store. Users determine their price and will receive 70% of the sale with 30% going to Clickteam, who take care of the listings, delivery, payments, processing and fees. The objective of the store is to provide a central hub for clickers and an opportunity for users to show off their content.

Not to be confused with Clickteam’s Shop for purchasing products and exporters.



The ClickStore was discoverable with the launch of Clickteam Fusion 2.5 in the Help menu, however access to this greeted the user with a “Coming Soon!” logo. When the store first opened in July 2014, there were 244 orders, 578 items sold and about $2,000 in revenue.


Various kinds of resources and products are sold through the store, both free and paid.

  • Games powered by Fusion
  • Libraries
    • 3D Models
    • Shaders
    • Graphic Libraries
    • Effect Libraries
  • Plugins
    • Exporters (currently the discontinued XNA Exporter)
    • Extensions
  • Skins
  • Audio (Samples and soundtracks)
  • Apps
  • Tutorials
  • Open Source ([MFA]s and examples)


The store is based in the US, as a result, no VAT is collected or required. Authors get 70% of the sale, with the rest of the revenue going to Clickteam. Content that is submitted to the store is decided by a small team whether it violates the agreement and whether it meets the functionality or asset as described.


Refunds are handled by Clickteam’s agents, however some works such as art and music are non-refundable under any situation.

Selling Products

Anyone can register for a Seller Account and sell their creations on the store. The author decides the agreement of their works, otherwise if no specific license is specified, the distributor agreement is active. Sellers may only withdraw their earnings once they reach at least $50.