File icon when TGF1 is installed
File icon when TGF1 is installed

GAM (The Games Factory Save File) is the file format used by The Games Factory and its predecessors. As with a MFA file, the developer’s events, frames and sprites are stored inside the file, and acts as the “source code” to the user’s game.

All Multimedia Fusion products can import data to a newer format, but cannot save back to .gam. Protected GAM files cannot be opened. Samples and music (MIDI) can be imported from the load dialog box by selecting this file type.


Protected GAM Files

When the user decides to export their creation, they have an option labelled “Protect Game”. This prevents the GAM file alongside the stand alone executable/setup program from being opened in the editor. If attempted, the user will be greeted with the message “Cannot open protected GAM file” (in TGF) or “Cannot read a protected TGF or C&C.” (in MMF and up)

Historically, it was possible to contact Clickteam to unlock the file. However, as one of the developer’s hard drives failed, the utility has been lost and hence, older GAM files are permanently locked.

Upgrading to MFA

It is possible to upgrade older GAM files to the newer, MFA format by importing them into MMF. This then allows you to export your assets (sounds, images etc) as well as viewing events and frames. However, it should be noted the game may not behave as expected as the runtime has greatly changed since The Games Factory era. For example, in TGF1 the “Hide mouse pointer” action would hide the mouse pointer for just that frame, but in MMF2, this would hide throughout the entire application until the action “Show mouse pointer” occurs.


Not documented.


Not documented.