Screenshot of Patch Maker Version 1.3a (Unregistered Version)
Screenshot of Patch Maker Version 1.3a (Unregistered Version)




Initial Release 1.0 1999
Latest Release Version 1.3a 06/2012
Platforms Windows logo Windows 9x logo
Languages English

Patch Maker is a program for making update patches by Clickteam. Patch Maker is the companion product to Install Creator.

Patch Maker features a wizard to help you make your patches. The wizard asks you to provide the directory that contains the old version and the directory that contains the new version of your files, and then makes a patch between the two. It also lets you add various pages of text and change the background images.

Under Wizard Options, there is an option labeled Run As Administrator. If this is left unchecked, then users will not have to enter an administrator password to run the installer. The user will still be able to run it as admin by right-clicking the file and clicking Run As Administrator. If the program is not run as admin, it will give an error when attempted to modify files in admin-protected areas (including the Program Files folders).




The Free version of Patch Maker allows the user to create patches for their projects.


Patch Maker has the same features of the standard version, but there is no extra page at the end about Clickteam and Patch Maker.

Previous Versions

Version 1.2 running on Windows 98
Version 1.2 running on Windows 98

The program has not changed much from its original release in 1999. The program has been updated numerous times to fix bugs and to ensure compatibility with newer versions of Windows.