Screenshot of the lobby.
Screenshot of the lobby.

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Initial Release Build 103 2012
Platforms Windows logo

Gwerdy Chat



ClickConverse was an official chat client used by the Clickteam staff and its community members. The chat client is a successor to the previously used Gwerdy Chat and is built with Multimedia Fusion 2. It was built and maintained by Simon at Clickteam.

It has since been superseded by the Click Converse Discord Channel.

Wine users (Mac/Linux) needed to install ie6, ie7 or ie8 winetricks to avoid a blank chat area.



Discord is now the

Features of Original ClickConverse

The chat client software supports real-time communication between members and the staff.

  • Greet other members in the lobby.
  • Create private rooms with members.
  • Badge that displays your top-most registered product.
  • An updater utility to update to newer builds.


There are no fixed rules or compulsory agreement, but you are kindly asked to respect general rules.

You can have conversations, ask for help, hang out and say nothing if you like! We just ask that users don’t swear or talk about illegal or adult themes, as we have a very wide userbase including many minors.

Post by Simon


With the original ClickConverse, It was possible to use the IRC Gwerdy Chat bridge to connect to the ClickConverse software.

  • Server Address:
  • Port: 6661
  • Username: <Your forum username>
  • Password: <Your forum password>