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Vitalize! is a safe browser plugin that allows you to use games/applications made with MMF2, TGF2, and their older visual game and app creation tools. It uses the file format .CCN.

This plug-in only runs on Windows and is not compatible with other operating systems.


Browser Compatibility

Despite being retired, it is still possible to play Vitalize! apps on certain browsers on Windows only.

Browser Compatible with latest version?
Google Chrome No
Mozilla Firefox No
Internet Explorer Yes
Safari for Windows Yes
Opera No
SeaMonkey Yes
Camino No
Microsoft Edge No
Netscape Navigator Yes

Find out which browser you are using.

Tip: If your browser is not listed here, please check If you are using a browser not listed here, then you can test Vitalize! by going to


Vitalize can still be downloaded from Clickteam’s website.