Release Date June 2012 6/2012
Available for MMF2 Icon MMF2 Developer Icon CF 2.5 Icon CF 2.5 Developer Icon

The XNA Exporter is an exporter that allows you to export to Xbox 360, Windows Phones and Windows PCs. It is no longer receiving updates, but version 2.5 is available for free on the ClickStore.


To export your app from Fusion, first choose the appropriate Project build type (XNA Windows Project, XNA Phone Project, or XNA Xbox Project) and build the application.
Install Visual Studio if you haven’t already.
Next, open the SLN file in the exported project folder.
Make sure the mode is set to Debug and test your app.
Once you make changes in Fusion, change the build type to the appropriate Application build type (XNA Windows Application, XNA Phone Application, or XNA Xbox Application) and build the application as the SLN file in the project folder.
Then, open the file in Visual Studio and test again.
When you are ready to build, change the mode to Release and build the app from Visual Studio.

For more details, go to Building your XNA Application.