Included Included Included up to MMF2 Included in Mac Editor[1] Optional Purchase Optional Purchase Extras Optional Optional Purchase Optional Purchase Free from ClickStore
Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Developer Yes All Build Types No Yes[1] Yes Yes Yes[2] Yes
Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Some Build Types[3]
Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Free No No Limited No
Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer Yes All Build Types Yes Yes Yes
Multimedia Fusion 2 Some Build Types[3]
The Games Factory 2 No
TGF2/MMF2 Demo[5] Edit Only Edit Only Edit Only
The Games Factory 2 Newgrounds Edition No Limited[4] No
Multimedia Fusion 1.0-1.5 Yes Yes
The Games Factory
Klik & Play Partial[6] No
  1. Included in Fusion 2.5’s Mac Editor. Optional purchase for the Windows Editor.
  2. Limits included with build 284 and later. The full version can be optionally purchased.
  3. Only Stand-Alone Java Internet Applet and Stand-Alone Java Web Start build types are available.
  4. Files can only be embedded on the Newgrounds website.
  5. The demo version of TGF2/MMF2 allows you to select the optional exporters you wish to test. The demo version will display the specific options and objects for the exporters you have selected. It doesn’t allow you to build applications with these exporters.
  6. Does not build screensavers or Win32 apps, only builds Win31 apps