Screenshot of the Products page.
Screenshot of the Products page.


Initial Release September 2013 09/2013

Clickteam’s Bug Tracker (also known as the bugbox) is a place for registered users to report bugs, provide feedback and make suggestions for new features. This is the primary place to go to when you notice a problem with a variety of Clickteam’s products and services.

As of 25th February 2019, the BugBox was taken offline for good.

Simon 02/25/2019

Apologies for the inconvenience, I inherited a very broken system which would not upgrade or run on modern versions of server operating systems, hence when we had to upgrade the servers for security the BugBox went offline.

In order to access this, users will need to register their products to their forum account, which uses the same login as the server.

The following products can be reported:

List up to date as of 5/13/2017